HOT DAWG!  Now Jethro Has his OWN Slot Machine!

Jethro Bodine's Very Own "Bubblin' Crude" Video Slots

Max Baer, Jr., who played Jethro on the classic television show, The Beverly Hillbillies, has his very own "Jethro" Beverly Hillbillies™ Video Slot.  They call it "Bubblin' Crude"
, Baer booms, "and damn, if they don't have it at least half right!"  The certifiably un-politically correct Baer is the first to laugh at his own antics as he once again hits the autograph trail, promoting his newest slot machine through public appearances in casinos.  "Oh, sure, I flirt with the ladies and tease the old boys," he says, "they expect Jethro to be a hound dog and, fortunately, that's one area where Jethro and I are a lot alike."

Jethro's hound "Duke" even has a part to play on the new slot machine.  In fact, there's a scatter pay of up to 400 credits with multiplier when two to five Hound Dog symbols land on the screen.  And, in addition to that big instant winner MegaJackpots prize, there's a pair of hilarious bonus games:  Jethro's Vittles and the Bubblin' Crude bonus.  The silliness is compounded by funny one liners and voice overs from Baer as players work their way through the bonus rounds.

"And isn't The Beverly Hillbillies the perfect theme for a penny slot machine?"  Baer asks.  "It's low-rent riches all the way around."