Granny's Shotgun Weddin' Chapel

The old cabin from back in the hills will become Granny's Shotgun Weddin' Chapel and will be placed in an area where the players and other people can watch and enjoy real weddings, take place. The weddings will be presided over by Granny, who will be a real Justice of the Peace and will perform weddings for people that want to get married, people that are already married and people who want to get A hitched, just for the fun of it in a mock shotgun weddin'. The event will be taped from eight video cameras from which a wedding movie will be edited together. Take the video back home to your friends and family for a one-of-a-kind experience, giving them incomparable laughter & entertainment.  As an extra (on occasion) we will have guest celebrity "Granny's" who may be men dressed as Granny to make an even more fun-filled experience!